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In Sweden, winter is truly enchanting with a white landscape of snow and icicles against a clear blue sky and fresh air. Of course, every conceivable kind of winter activity is available here. Swedish ice and snow is varied and surprising, an experience you do not want to miss!

A perfect place for a Swedish winter experience is Johannisholm Stugby, a cozy little, family holiday park in the heart of the beautiful landscape Dalarna. There is always something going on, both for young and old, in and around the holiday village. To give a few examples, snowmobile safaris, fishing, winter camping, dog sledding, rides, ice skating and snowshoeing. Not to forget the sauna, barbecue hut and the Sami hut (TeePee tent). The Swedish winter in Dalarna can be cold but then often dry as well, with a lot of snow, but also mild and sometimes windy. Do you want to try out the Swedish winter? Go ahead and read on, and contact us for any questions.

Winter camping

Winter camping in tents? At the site of Johannisholm Adventure we have a large tipi tent where you can spend the night on a bed of pine branches and reindeer skins. To keep you warm, a crackling fire burns in the stove. It is wonderful to sleep in a thick sleeping bag while it freezes outside, you can also create a shelter outside if you want. This is done by building up the snow and putting pine branches over the top and inside.

Snowshoe walk

In the winter, parts of the area that are easy to reach in the summer become impossible. How can we reach them? Simple: on foot! with special snowshoes that look a bit like tennis rackets. You can walk over frozen swamps and snowy hills. In the magnificent surroundings you can only hear the crackling snow. On the snowshoe walk we use GPS to find the way, you go from one GPS coordinate to another.

Ice fishing

Ice fishing is a typical Swedish winter activity that you can have fun with. You drill a hole in the ice and try to catch fish with special rods. You stay warm on reindeer skin with a fire on the ice.

Snowmobile trip

With the snowmobile you can reach special places and cover more distances than the snowmobile tracks. Be sure that such a journey through the Swedish winter will never be forgotten. Along the way we stop for a delicious hot chocolate.


Have you always dreamed of a sleigh ride, pulled by a team of enthusiastic huskies? This can be arranged, the journey itself is spectacular and the area's tough beauty adds an extra dimension. A winter adventure for all ages.

Skiing and snowboarding

Wide, quiet slopes and even real snowboard parks are within easy reach of Johannisholm. There is something for everyone. Near Mora is Gesundaberget with family-friendly slopes, and further away at Sälen is Sweden's largest ski resort. The slopes are child-friendly and suitable for beginners and advanced. Ski and snowboard equipment can be rented from any of the sites.

Cross-country skiing

Near Johannisholm is a paradise for cross-country skiers. There are local cross-country trails within Venjan and Mora, skiing in Sweden gives you the ultimate feeling of freedom that belongs to a skiing holiday. The nearby Vasaloppet is the world's largest cross-country ski. In which many thousands participate and attract many spectators.

Ice skating

Swedish people are really interested in skating. There are ice rinks (of course) on the nearby lakes, Kattbosjön, Orsasjön, Siljan and Ojesjön. Here the ice fields seem almost endless with so many frozen lakes.


Curling is a sport in which players throw stones over an ice sheet at a target area that is divided into four rings. It's related to bowls. Two teams of four players take turns pushing heavy, polished granite stones, also called stones, over the ice-curling sheet towards the house.

Walk with lantern

We go out into the woods at night with lanterns shared between the group. We go up through the forest towards a fire where we fry marshmallows and have hot chocolate. Listens to all the animals on the road.

9km walk

We walk through the forest up to a Farbod (summer farm) and then you follow the forest tracks to a magnificent viewpoint or the surroundings.

Special winter packages

The winter possibilities are endless…… Johannisholm also caters for special requirements. Want someting special, such as a snow shoe hike and camp in the mountains?  Call or email us in advance, rhen we can discuss the possibilities.

Party in Johannisholm

At Christmas and New year in Johannisholm special activities are planned,

Chritmas in Sweden is traditionally a special atmposphere, Similary in Johannisholm in the cosy bakery we celebrate Christmas with a traditional hot buffet Julbord. You can cut your own Christmas tree for your cabin to create a real christmas spirit.

New years eve we celebrate in the bakery with delicious food and then we have fireworks as the clock strikes 12.