About us

Take a wonderful morning walk through the endless forest, over elevated bogs and clear lakes. 

Jim Schofield – Direktör Undervisningsformer
Email: jim.schofield@wp.joholm.se
Favourite Activity – Canoeing and Snowboarding

Jim has an extensive knowledge of the outdoor adventure industry. His most recent experience includes 10 years serving in the British Army but began working as an outdoor instructor in 1994 whilst completing college to qualify for the industry. Jim has an enormous array of qualifications including kayaking, canoeing and climbing to name but a few. His new passion is bushcraft and has recently undertaken various courses to specialise in this.

Laura Schofield – Direktör Undervisningsformer
Email: laura.schofield@wp.joholm.se
Favourite Activity – Canoeing and Skiing

Laura started college in 1997 to train as an outdoor instructor and it was during a work placement that she met her husband Jim. Laura's most recent qualification is QTLLS giving her teacher status but also has qualifications in climbing, kayaking and canoeing. She has previously completed her Duke of Edinburgh awards to gold level and is now a qualified assessor. Laura's passion for outdoor pursuits started at a young age. Give her a paddle and Laura is in her element!

Jean Bloomfield – Reception och välbefinnande chef
Email: jean.bloomfield@wp.joholm.se
Favourite Activity – Kayaking and Apres Ski

As well as ensuring that all members of staff are well looked after, Jean is responsible for ensuring guests feel like part of the family. She promotes the Swedish way through the popular "fika" and filling the bagarstuga with the smell of coffee and sweet treats. Jean has been living around the corner from Johannisholms Stugby for over 7 years but the fantastic views of the lakes and forests still take her breath away!

Stacy Bloomfield – Site Manager
Email: stacy.bloomfield@wp.joholm.se
Favourite Activity - Quad Biking and Snowmobiling

Extremely good with his hands, Stacy is responsible for keeping our grounds looking amazing. He can often be found whizzing around on the quad bike running a multitude of errands from laundry collection to snow clearing. Stacy has been visiting Sweden for many years and has a good knowledge of tracks to take with the bikes. His very friendly nature fits perfectly within the Johannisholm Adventure family!