Year-round activities

 Our activities have been adapted for both adults and children and for both summer and winter seasons.

Wood fired Sauna

In a secluded area on site, near the old barn and waterwheel, is our wood fired sauna and plunge pool. Here you can enjoy a relaxing sauna in a beautiful natural setting. In the summer the plunge pool (part of the wheel house) can be used to "cool off"; whist in winter there is always plenty of deep snow at hand. There is a changing room nearby and avaiable to use all year round, the sauna is a perfect spot to relax after a long day of activities.

Wood fired Hot tub:

The traditional wood fired hot tub looks out onto stunning views of the river Vanån. The water is kept at a comfortable temparature and stays hot for a long time. In summer there is a cold shower and in winter plenty of snow - should you need to "cool off". Whether you want to bird watch or spend time with friends or family it is a wonderful tranquil setting for a relaxing end to the day.

Grill Hut:

The grill hut is available for groups and family hire. Here you have the chance to sit and enjoy an indoor barbecue over an open fire what ever the weather. With reindeer skins over the benches it really is a beautiful place to relax in both summer and winter. There is room in the grill hut for up to 16 people.

Pytt i Panna on Muurikka:

This is both an experience of cooking an a natural environment and a main meal for the day. In winter it is normally held in the TeePee and in the summer can be held outdoors. It is a traditional dish of diced potatoes, vegetables and meat prepared on a flat pan (Muurika) over fire (gas or wood) and baked with an egg. You can either nominate one of your group as "Chef" or take turns in the cooking.

Kolbulle on Open Fire:

During this dinner activity , we show you how to make real swedish savoury pancakes in long handled pans over an open fire. We use lingon (a jam made of lingonberries) and bacon.

Pizza bakning:

We use the original oven that was used to bake the bread for the whole village. Once it has reached the right temperature we push the embers to the side and back of the oven creating a horse shoe shape, then slide your pizza from the wooden peel into the oven and watch it cook.