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The area in and around Johannisholm is perfect for many outdoor sports and activities. Forests, lakes, hills and mountains offer wonderful landscapes and beauty. From our campsite and holiday village we offer a wide range of activities. You can either join the supervised business or, of course, arrange your own exciting trips. There are activities for all ages, both summer and winter and also special qualification codes for schools, groups and companies.

Take a wonderful morning walk through the endless forest, over elevated bogs and clear lakes. Then maybe in the afternoon a bike ride along narrow paths, and for the evening, paddle a canoe and see beavers in the lake.

The next morning you might be standing on a mountain plateau, 650 meters up, enjoying the view and in the afternoon you are on an exciting quad safari while the kids have fun on the climbing wall and have a go at archery. In the evening there is a wildlife safari for the whole family during which we look for (and often find) moose and other wildlife.

A day later, the youngest children may join the pirate adventure, and the older children may build a trailer. This gives you a perfect time to take part in a GPS tour through beautiful landscapes.
These are just some of the many adventures you can experience in and around Johannisholm. We have a list of all possible activities with Johannisholm Stugby & outdoor center. You will not be bored. There is so much that you would probably need more time!


Archery is an activity for 12 years and up. The archery area is within walking distance either in the old barn or just outside. We first go through safety information and instructions on how to use the equipment. Then everyone has an exercise to get used to the bow. Finally, we try some exercises and competition results.

Raft building

Together we build a fleet from basic components. The number of participants determines the size of the fleet. Our instructor first explains some tips to help you. We construct the fleet with barrels, posts and rope knots. Once we have built the fleet, we take it to the water and start it. Hopefully it floats and we play games and have a lot of fun on the water.

Shelter building

To build shelter, we use ropes and all other materials that we find in the forest. We build our shelter together, and our guides give you tips and advice. If you make a good shelter, you can even stay out and sleep in it overnight.

Air gunning

This activity is for 12 years and up. The range is indoors in the old barn. First we go through the safety instructions and then it's time to start firing. There are different types of targets to aim for, including balloons and a duck gallery.

Lead airgun pellets.


The climbing walls range from 8 to 10 meters high. First we learn to put on the climbing frame and then the instructor goes through some safety points. Finally, it's time to start climbing. There are many ways to choose from to suit your ability and give you a challenge.

Mountain Bike-tour Kättbo

This trip is perfect for sports enthusiasts. The tour takes us on forest and snowmobile trails. There is a steep hill to climb but then a wonderfully fast decent one. During this trip, it is important to bring enough drinks.

Canoe trips

There are several canoe trips from Johannisholm. The popular tours are Venjanssjön and Orklingen. To begin with, we explain how to steer the canoe in the water and how to pack your equipment. We have different trips from one day to three days with overnight camps next to the lake. We provide all the equipment needed for the camp and of course we have a campfire!

Quad bike safari

First, our guide gives a good explanation about riding a quad bike and things to think about for safety. Then we take a test drive around our own track on site before we start the exciting safari. You must have a driver's license or snowmobile license to ride a quad bike. or if you want you can pass on our instructors quad bike.
hiker using smartphone

GPS hiking

During this activity we use a GPS receiver for orientation. We use a coordinate to the first waypoint and when we arrive we have to go to the next coordinate and so on until we get home. We have to search carefully because they are well hidden in the woods.

Nature safari

Nature safari takes us to see the animals in their natural environment. We drive by minibus through the forest areas in search of moose, beavers, foxes, badgers, cranes and other animals that live here. We stop at a beautiful vantage point and later stop for a cup of coffee or tea.
Moose in Velvet

Hike through the Gnupen nature reserve

The trail (about 7 km) goes through the nature reserve Gnupen. It is a beautiful walk through natural surroundings. We walk on planks through bogs and narrow paths up the mountain. The highlight of this tour is the 657 meter high peak, which extends about 180 meters above its immediate surroundings. From here, on clear days, you can see Norway.